This year, Tua Tagovailoa’s critics will “take back their words,” according to Tyreek Hill of the Dolphins.


Tyreek Hill has not been shy about praising quarterback Tua Tagovailoa on his It Needed to be Said podcast, and on Friday’s session, his faith remained unshaken.

Hill stated, “Many individuals will retract their statements about [Tua].” “I cannot be more specific, but I will say reporters, analysts, and Twitter trolls. All those individuals are going to retract what they said about [Tua], and I’m simply going to sit here and eat popcorn.”

Hill is sincere in his support for Tagovailoa, despite his apparent attempt to fill a Terrell Owens-themed bingo card with his quarterback defense and popcorn talk. After a rough start to his career, the third-year quarterback must have this confidence-building message in his ear at all times.

The squad rotated Tagovailoa in and out of games during the closing stretch of his rookie season. Due to Tagovailoa’s lack of experience, journeyman quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick provided Miami with a stronger opportunity to reach the playoffs.

Even when Fitzpatrick departed prior to the 2021 season and Tagovailoa assumed full leadership, reports continued to circulate that the Dolphins were interested in replacing him with Deshaun Watson.

This never transpired, but the setting was hardly conducive to creating confidence in a young quarterback.

Therefore, Hill’s constant praise is crucial. He and teammate Jaylen Waddle, who also participated in the podcast and voiced confidence in the QB1, are likely to be Tagovailoa’s primary targets this season. The operation between the three of them can only benefit from this preparation, and they will need to be in sync if the Dolphins are to compete in the AFC East.

Hill will need to demonstrate the same confidence in the heat of battle, especially if he endures a stretch of games in which he performs less effectively than he did in Kansas City. It is not hard to imagine a scenario in which that occurs.

Tagovailoa has thrown 27 touchdown passes over the course of his two-year career. Since 2020, Hill has nearly matched that total with 24 touchdowns. There is potential for tension if Hill’s presence does not significantly improve Tagovailoa’s touchdown trajectory.

The Dolphins’ possession of two No. 1 wide outs on their roster moving into 2021 places them in a fantastic position to win more games and evaluate their quarterback thoroughly. Hill also comprehends this aspect of the situation.

“You only have two or three years to become a good quarterback in the NFL, especially if you’re a first-round selection pick,” Hill said. “And if you don’t achieve within those years, you’re told to “kick rocks, man.” Consequently, Tua will be inserted into that. This is really his last year, guy, in order to demonstrate his abilities.”