Kingpyn – Matthews vs Simon

Kingpyn – Matthews vs Simon


Ed Matthews had the last laugh in his main event match against Simple Simon, knocking out his senior opponent in the first round.

The bout was stopped after 48 seconds when Matthews knocked Simon down with a right hand and the 52-year-old was unable to regain his feet. Simon ultimately regained his footing as he came to terms with his disastrous ring debut.

Matthews, who had ruthlessly mocked his opponent in the lead-up, said after his victory, “I can’t help but applaud Simon for stepping in. I knew I would knock him out in the first round, and I’m in it for the long haul.

Tonight has been a whirlwind, as a multitude of TikTok stars have entered the ring for the first time.

Despite a valiant effort, Paddy Murphy was defeated by his opponent Dave The Other Guy, who was 50 kilogrammes lighter.

Luke Bennett was subsequently defeated early by a late-replacement opponent, DeanLM, before his intended opponent, Ginty, overcame Kayrhys shortly thereafter.

After holding a huge size advantage, Aaron Hunt overcame his close friend Chef Dave in a weird stoppage. Elle Brooke of Before OnlyFans overcame Love Island’s AJ Bunker despite failing to deliver the guaranteed KO.

In the main event, Ed Matthews defeated 33-year-old Simple Simon with a devastating first-round knockout.

After suffering a devastating first-round knockout loss to Ed Matthews, Simon was hesitant to enter the ring with another opponent.

“Let’s see how I feel before discussing a plan. He then approached me and shook my hand, and as far as I am concerned, the matter is over.

The pair’s age difference was 33 years, thus many anticipated the outcome. Fans may find it more entertaining if he chooses a more evenly matched opponent.