No More Talk McBroom v Gib


Austin McBroom and Aneson Gib will finally engage in combat sports tonight (Saturday, September 10, 2022) at Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles, California, after months of trash talk.

The pay-per-view (PPV) show will also feature professional athletes attempting a new sport, including a “Battle of the Running Backs” between former Minnesota Vikings (and six other teams) rusher and potential Hall of Famer Adrian Peterson and fellow retired former ball carrier LeVeon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers (among others).

Indeed, fists will fly, and the crowd will be brimming with YouTube, TikTok, NBA, and NFL fans who cross over to watch “social gloves” boxing!

The reality television stars Cory Wharton and Chase Demoor, who you may recall from their altercation on last night’s Midnight Mania, follow the sports stars.

Gib in black, McBroom in white for Round 1. McBroom appears to be experiencing mouthpiece troubles as well. Gib forces McBroom into a corner, but does little to exploit the situation. With a left to the body, McBroom passes. McBroom hurls snowballs and dispatches Gib with a right-left! Pass directly by McBroom. Even now, Gib does not appear totally balanced. Gib joins. Another legal entitlement

Round 2: McBroom lands a crisp straight left. Gib counters with a right hand to repel McBroom. Gib throws a left hook. McBroom left. With all these lefts, it’s like NASCAR in here.

In the third round, Gib nearly hits an uppercut. Takes a right turn. Both men are left-handed. Gib observes McBroom approaching. Left-right by Gib. Gib takes down McBroom with a beautiful left hand and a GIANT right! He continues to advance despite having slightly unstable lefts. Overhand directly to Gib. Body right and a left punch McBroom again to the ground!

McBroom is taking shots as they exchange in the pocket during round four. Gib’s flurrying has gotten McBroom in jeopardy; McBroom falls again! McBroom fought valiantly despite being weak. Again, despite McBroom’s best efforts, he falls to the ground. The referee will give him one final chance, he says. McBroom is shaky as all get-out. The death knell has been sounded!