Due to Stephen Curry’s incredible scoring start, the Warriors shouldn’t worry.


The Golden State Warriors are at 3-4 after losses to the Hornets and the Pistons on Sunday night. Since the start of the season, Golden State has lost seven straight games by an aggregate of 120 points or more.

This is the trend that’s going wrong.

After hitting 32 points on Sunday, Stephen Curry has reached the 30-point plateau in six of his first seven games this season. He last did it in 2015-16, when he started the season with five games in which he scored at least 30 points.

Since the Warriors are performing so poorly, it appears that Curry doesn’t give a hoot about breaking this run. It’s worth it just to draw attention to how incredible Curry still looks at 34. If the Warriors’ hot start has you worried, take it easy. As long as Curry keeps playing at this level, Golden State will be right in the thick of the title race no matter how much money is spent.

Steve Kerr has promised that the Warriors will continue to play their young players significant minutes between now and May/June in order to keep their aging Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson core healthy while still maintaining a strong postseason push. Moses Moody, James Wiseman, and Jonathan Kuminga all got on the field for a total of 56 minutes on Sunday.

That’s not to say the Warriors don’t have any messes to clean up, either. Their defensive foul percentage is sixth lowest in the NBA, and they are ranked 21st overall by Cleaning the Glass. The fouling is a constant source of frustration for Kerr. In his postgame press conference on Sunday, Steve Kerr attributed the Warriors’ inability to defend without fouling—and the resulting 38 free throws allowed to Detroit—not to “blatant hacks,” but rather to weak offensive possessions (he highlighted the Warriors’ poor shot selection as of late) that bled into disorganized transition defense.

Kerr is correct that it looks like the Warriors are just playing “a pick-up game.” In addition, it makes logical sense. You can’t expect every night’s urgency from a team that is clearly pacing itself and is past the point of having anything to prove in the offseason, but the Warriors didn’t build a dynasty by ignoring regular-season routines, either.

Consequently, let’s not get too worked up. Thompson will need a moment to regain his balance. The young men need to get back on their feet, and we hope they do (all aboard the Moody bandwagon). While you wait, revel in Curry’s scoring explosion; he’ll try to make it seven in a row against Miami on Tuesday, and he’s now averaging over 30 points a game.

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