The massive exhibition boxing match between FLOYD MAYWEATHER and Deji ended in the sixth round! In the fifth round, Deji delivered a punch to Floyd that stunned the Dubai crowd.

Then, in the sixth round, Floyd stepped on the gas and landed a massive uppercut on the YouTube star. A few more punches were thrown by Money Mayweather before the referee quickly stopped the fight.

Following yesterday’s fight, YouTuber Deji appears to have criticised Floyd Mayweather’s ringside composure. Mayweather was nonchalant throughout the exhibition bout, frequently teasing his weaker opponent.

Through Per Seconds Out, he stated: “It was very unconventional. I’m typically accustomed to sparring with more technically adept opponents.” He was just having fun and doing whatever in there. He was very talkative.

KSI has criticised Tommy Fury’s performance from last night.

During his exhibition fight in Dubai with Roland Lambert, the former Love Island contestant was also jeered by the crowd.

Fury was scheduled to fight Paul Bamba in a professional bout, but it was cancelled at the last minute because Tyson’s brother was seven pounds overweight.

In a subsequent tweet, KSI called it “embarrassing.”

According to the Daily Mail, the fight between Deji and Mayweather was “farcical.”

In the exhibition match, the 45-year-old boxer defeated the YouTuber convincingly and without breaking a sweat.

The goal of KSI’s brother was to land a punch, which he was able to do, but the fight has been criticised because of the obvious class disparity between the competitors.

Mayweather joined the crowd in chanting “come on Deji” as he kept his hands at his side. The Mail termed it a “one-sided but ultimately comical” second round.

In Dubai, the manager of Jake Paul, Nakisa Bidarian, stated, “I’ve cornered him and checkmated him. He has agreed to fight in February.

“He shook my hand and gave me his word of honour as his manager; the event will take place in February. “I told him, ‘Listen, if you back out, you’ll never forget it, and you can’t break a man’s handshake.’

“Contracts mean nothing to me, but a handshake means everything, and you can build a skyscraper on it.” His manager has given me his word that we will fight in February. And where is the best place? The universe of Dubai.”

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

We bring you news straight from Dubai that Paul and Fury’s camps have agreed to a MASSIVE February bout. TWICE previously, fights between the two have not occurred. So, will the third time be the charm?

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have an agreement in place to reschedule their grudge fight once again. Paul was a ringside guest for Fury’s boxing return on Floyd Mayweather’s undercard in Dubai.

Fury’s dad John ripped off his shirt and called out the YouTuber-turned boxer, before security intervened. John later told press after the fight that he shook hands with Paul’s manager Nakisa Bidarian over a rescheduled date for February.

Here we go February!

That was, as usual when Floyd Mayweather is in the ring, a sight to behold.

However, Deji deserves all of the credit for his performance in this match.

He fought one of the greatest boxers of all time for six rounds, had the support of the crowd, cut Floyd’s eye, and earned his respect after the bout.

There are numerous positives for Deji to take away from that fight, and his next opponent will be in high demand.


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