Qatar vs Ecuador


In the opening match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Ecuador easily defeated hosts Qatar thanks to two goals from Enner Valencia in the first half. The result was a straightforward 2-0 victory for Ecuador.

Through a dubious VAR review, Valencia’s early header was disallowed for a tenuous offside call against teammate Michael Estrada, but he didn’t have to wait long to rejoice after winning and calmly scoring a penalty in the 16th minute.

As a result, the Ecuadorian captain became the first player in his nation’s history to score four goals in World Cup finals. He added a fifth goal just after the halfway point by heading in a gorgeous right-wing cross from Angelo Preciado.

Almoez Ali, Qatar’s joint-record scorer, will regret missing a great opportunity just before halftime, but Felix Sanchez’s team fell far short of the low-key rising pre-game expectations as they were thoroughly outplayed.

When Saad Al-Sheeb failed to block a corner kick and Valencia headed the ball into an open net, the goalkeeper was saved by an early VAR intervention.

However, Qatar’s No. 1 did not capitalise on the opportunity when he clumsily tackled Valencia in the area shortly after, forcing referee Daniele Orsato to call a foul after the Ecuador striker sprinted onto Estrada’s expertly weighted throughball.

From the ensuing penalty, Valencia patiently waited to send Al-Sheeb the wrong way, and his second goal, which he arrowed into the bottom left corner, was equally clinical.

The main worry for Ecuador manager Gustavo Alfaro came as the game’s hero, Valencia, walked out with a knee injury 15 minutes from time. Estrada then missed his chance as the goal his work-rate merited beckoned following some wonderful work by Gonzalo Plata.

Mohammed Muntari, a substitute, rippled the top of the net with a late attempt, but Qatar had very nothing to cheer about.

Full time: Ecuador performed a great job. They started out with a level of energy that Qatar was unable to manage and finished strong with experience at the highest level that their opponents lacked. For the hosts, it’s back to the drawing board.

In the 90th minute, Ecuador’s supporters are wildly chanting “OLES” while their team controls the ball. Qatar will have to put up with this for an extra five minutes.

In the 85th minute, Muntari sneaks by the Ecuadorian defence and blasts a rebounding shot from the right corner of the penalty area toward the goal. That was a good effort. Some spectators in the stadium believed that it was in since it ripples the top of the netting. Can Sanchez’s team provide a spectacular finish?

76th minute: Valencia has decided to end the game because his knee is still giving him trouble. I hope there isn’t any significant harm. For his captain, who had the kind of World Cup performance that will be remembered for decades in his nation, Cifuentes is on.

75th minute: As Afif receives the ball approximately 30 yards from the goal, there is an electrifying hum of anticipation throughout the stadium. The residents would have like to have seen a lot more of him this evening. A hypothetical shot flies by.

70th minute: Ecuador is proceeding with relative tranquilly. This half, Qatar has defended set pieces with a little more poise. Al-Haydos, the team’s captain, and Ali, the starting striker, are about to be replaced by Waad and Muntari.

Half a chance for Qatar in the 62nd minute when Miguel perfectly timing his run and surprises Estupinan at the back post. He connects well from 15 yards out, but the shot is wide. If in first-half stoppage time Ali had neatly intercepted Al-Haydos’ cross. The score would include the hosts.

Mendes is reading the book for an awkward task at the 57-minute mark. That is pointless. Ecuador shouldn’t be receiving cautions that could cost them later in the competition. They have complete authority.

Al-Rawi gets ejected in the 55th minute, and Ibarra enters. The shot is at a good height when he chops back onto his right foot, giving Al-Sheeb the opportunity to make a courageous stop.

That kind of South American excellence is what draws us to World Cups, the 54th minute. Plata glides through a few obstacles in midfield. He is moving to the left when he turns and spins a beautiful cross behind the Qatari defence. Only an air shot can be made at it by Estrada. 3-0 might have happened.

52nd minute: Do you remember Preciado’s beautiful cross that led to the opening goal? His right boot isn’t perfect, I guess. The right-back for Ecuador just sent a 30-yard shot into the stands far from the goal. Only since Qatar still doesn’t seem to be very adept at escaping from their side, is he taking such action.

In the fifty-second minute, Valencia was merely being a nuisance by attempting to win a second ball. He doesn’t appear to be still suffering from the repercussions of his knee injury.

In the 46th minute, play has resumed. In their last six games, Ecuador had not given up a goal, and Qatar’s only contact with the area during the first half came from a squandered chance by Ali. It seems very secure to have a 2-0 lead, doesn’t it?

Halftime: Qatar has a fantastic chance! With the final attack of the half, Ali has a wonderful chance to surpass all other goal scorers for his nation. However, he completely ruins a beautiful cross from Al-Haydos. During extra time, Qatar began to play some clean football, but that misfired Ali attempt sums up a terrible half.

45th minute: After the fairly lengthy VAR delay, Valencia’s goal was disallowed, and the hero of Ecuador’s two goals just received treatment, there are five minutes of stoppage time. Enner Valencia’s world for the 2022 World Cup is currently what we are living in.

43rd minute: Oh my, Valencia appears to have a painful knee after just slightly hyperextending it during a challenge. The stretcher is in place, and the Ecuadorian captain is down receiving treatment. Is his quest for the Golden Boot over now?

40th minute: A crowded Ecuadorian greeting party greets the highly regarded Afif as he attempts to get something going down the left. Mendez takes control of him.

In the 37th minute, Valencia spins Boudiaf, who then fouls him and is the third player from Qatar to be cautioned. The home team has only accomplished a small number of things well so far.

The 31st minute is now: GOOOOAAAALLLLLL! Valencia!!!!

Enner Valencia was owned by whom for the golden boot? Caicedo advances on the haphazard Qatari defence. From where Preciado puts in a mouthwatering cross, the ball is played out to the right. At the far post, Valencia connects with the matching header, sending the ball arrowing into the bottom corner. Al-Sheeb had no chance there, regardless of whether he is acting like a competition winner.

Caicedo of Brighton is cited in the 31st minute. The aggressive midfielder is no stranger to receiving a yellow card, but that’s unfair. The free kick is thrown out of play by Qatar. So far, they have been terrible.

25th minute: Qatar’s two-month pre-tournament training camp received a lot of attention. Do they have too much training?

18th minute: Al-Sheeb faces another uncertain situation. Estrada receives a cross from Valencia, fails to put it on goal, and is then struck by the errant gloveman. You get the feeling Ecuador will make every effort to keep him busy.

16th second: “GOOOAAALLLL!” Valencia (pen) (pen)

Now that he has accomplished his objective. As cool as you like, Valencia will wait for Al Sheeb to move before kicking the ball towards the opposing corner of the right.

15th minute: Ecuador incurs a penalty!

Valencia rushes into the middle of the Qatari defence; Al Sheeb tackles him, and a penalty is obvious.

13th minute: There is a lengthy delay before the corner kick as the official clears up some squabbling among the players in the six-yard box. At the near post, Plata’s package is travelling clearly.

10th minute: Estupinan misses another left-handed free kick. From them, Ecuador is quite strong, and Qatar is doing poorly. The hosts scramble to get clear, but right now they are working nonstop on the pump. Hasan issues Plata a substantial challenge. Ecuador is now in a tight spot.

8th minute: Qatar is yet to settle down despite its enormous let-off. Concern arises when another Estupinan ball, this one coming from open play, is thrown at the box.

Minute three: GOOOOAAAALLLL! Hold on, NOOOO!

Ecuador start off strong! After Al Sheeb in the Qatar goal makes a spectacle of himself trying to claim Estupinan’s free-kick, Valencia is the man on the spot, nodding into an open net.

However, a VAR check is performed, and for unclear reasons, the goal is disallowed. Valencia or any other significant Ecuadorian players did not initially appear to be offside, but the goalkeeper may have unintentionally played an attacker offside because he was so far out of his area of play. Al Sheeb is a very fortunate young man if that was a foul on him.

First minute: Right after the kickoff, Qatar sends a long ball toward the Ecuador box, but it is calmly handled. Get it going!

The pre-match handshakes are underway, and the anthems have been well received. One minute until kickoff. Enner Valencia, a former West Ham and Everton striker, is Ecuador’s captain. This season, he has scored 13 goals in 12 league games for Fenerbahce.



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